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BenAndrew adopted Ben (top) and Jerry (bottom) in May 2000. He writes, "I'd like to send you these pictures so you can see how happy they are in their new home. As a matter of fact, Jerry (the grey andwhite one), purrs so loudly that when he went for his first exam at Amherst Animal Clinic, Dr. Churchill said she needed him to *stop* purring so she could hear his heartbeat. :)

JerryThank you for all the wonderful work you do, and for putting these two bundles of joy into my life at a time when I needed them most."

TinkiTinki was adopted in August 1998 when she was eight months old by Elke, who writes: "She never had problems with our two dogs. Right from the beginning, she was courageous and knew no fear. It took a couple of weeks for my dogs to accept the little cat, but now they are buddies.

She is boss of the whole house, and we think she is happy. She follows us all the time - she is such a cute little cuddle-ball. We love her so much and we are thankful to have her in our life."

BennyBenny was one of two kittens who were going to be thrown off a bridge! Kitty Angels rescued them and Benny was adopted by Phil and Deb, who write: "He has brought us a lot of joy and he has grown up to be a handsome fellow! God bless you all and the wonderful work you do!"

Norma"Hello, my name is Norma.I was adopted by Sandi and Ian and have three sister cats where I live - Pickles, Ginger and Snowy. As you can see, I have some toys to play with and we all have fun chasing each other around the house. Thank you Kitty Angels for giving me the chance I have been given. I love being here in the nice warm house. Norma XXXXXXXXXXXXXX "

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