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Annette adopted MacGregor in February 2002, when he was about three years old. She writes, "After losing the love of my life, my 12 year old Maine Coon Butterscotch, I decided to look for another Maine Coon. Luckily I stumbled across the website for Kitty Angels.

"When I saw MacGregor I was so excited, he had the sweetest looking face you could imagine! I contacted Kitty Angels, and got in touch with Julie, MacGregor's foster mom. We talked about him, and his (limited) special needs as a kitty with FIV. About a week later my husband and I made the trip to Nashua for the first time (we're new to New Hampshire) and got to meet Julie and MacGregor. It was love at first sight. Since we've had MacGregor we've kept in touch with Julie and she has been very supportive and helpful. MacGregor is a real 'mommy's boy', and I'm loving every minute of being his new mom."

JamesNancy and Bob write, "Finally have pix of James to share with you. He's chatty and happy and constantly purring. He and Thomas have become friends, and James has become Bob's and my wonderful young son.

"James loves to play with the water in the sink and tub, steals Mommy's bracelets, earrings, hair clips, scrunchies, eye glasses... they're his 'kill'. And he tries to eat whatever Mommy is eating at the time. Oh, and yes, he helps me read by lying down on my book...

"Thanks for introducing us to each other. A great fit!"

MikeyLittle Mikey was adopted by Paula and Bob in July, 2002. He was one of eight kittens left in a paper bag. Mikey joins four other Kitty Angels alumni. He is a lap kitty.

Indy and JosieMiriam sent us this picture of Indy and Josie, and wrote, "This was taken just three days after Josie moved in. They are both doing REALLY well and we are very much enjoying her company. Thanks for finding the perfect match for all of us (especially Indy and Josie!)"

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