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TashaTasha came to us as a semi-feral foster kitty, who quickly won our hearts -- that turned into a permanent adoption. Tasha is absolutely adorable and has been dubbed "Princess of the World" -- which describes her place in Carel's family of 5 felines.

GusGus was adopted in 1993 by Hank and Jean-Marie, who tell us that "he continues in fine health and has adapted well to 'North Country' life."

Kameo Angel

Kameo Angel was the runt of the litter when he was adopted in 1995. He is huge now and has overcome many eye problems as well as cancer. He brings so much joy to Rick and Sherry.

RustyTrapped as a feral, Rusty is now a "big love" - one bent-over ear lends him character. He is now living in Utah with Karen, who adopted him in 1996.

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