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Herb and Phyllis write, "We adopted Pelton in May 2003. He is doing fine - he loves to sit in the windows and watch the birds. Pelton is a great cat. We feel he picked us and we love him very much. Thank you, Kitty Angels."

Marigold and TazJulia writes, "Miss Marigold is our official 'supervisor of the bird feeders' along with her big brother Taz, who is twelve."

MaggieMaggie was adopted by Rachel and Mike in 2000. They write, " She is such a joy to us. We recently gave birth to our first son Cameron who has been in love with Maggie from day one when he was born. He chases her and she lets him. She is so great with him it's amazing, and is just a lovable cat. We are so thrilled to have her as a part of our family! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!!!"

Tyler Tyler was adopted by Jeff and Sara in April, 2003. They write, "Tyler loves his new home! He is without a doubt the most affectionate cat we have ever met. He is especially attached to his 'daddy' Jeff. Tyler gets along well with his brother cat, Alex, despite their constant battle for our attention and for food!

"Many thanks to Kitty Angels (and especially to Lesa) for saving Tyler and nursing him back to health for six months before he was able to be adopted. He brings us smiles every day."

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