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Gott, Fancy and Wyeth

Juli and Eric adopted Gott (left) and Wyeth (right) in 2000, shown with Fancy (center). Juli wrote to us shortly after moving into a new house: "The five of us (me, Eric, and the three cats) all really love the new place. They have so much more room now, and we've got a little room off the back of the house that we call the "cat room" where all their stuff is - they love it. Wyeth is really coming out of his shell - though he's still scared of strangers he's much more relaxed around us, and he'll usually let me pick him up whenever I want. He's soooo beautiful - a huge orange fluffball. Gotti is great, as usual, he has all these new windows to lay in all day now that the screens are in, and he's just thrilled. Everybody who comes over can't believe how smart that cat is - I've never met another one like him - after three years with him I'm pretty sure I can understand him when he's meowing at me (either that or I'm losing my mind!)

"Just wanted to give you the latest on our little family since we don't live in town anymore. Thanks for all the help you gave us - Eric and I always say how boring our life would be without the kitties."

ChloeChloe was adopted in October 2002 by Carol, who writes, "She is a little love bug and has added so much joy to our lives. Our children are grown and married, so she is our 'baby'. She loves to sit in your lap and cuddle, and likes to sleep at the foot of our bed.

"Thank you, Kitty Angels, for giving us an angel."

BlackieBlackie was adopted by Donna, who writes, "Finally we are getting around to sending a picture of our very much loved Blackie. He gets along incredibly well with his house-mate Sterling. I can't imagine our home without Blackie now. Our house is all the more brighter since that day. I assure you that he is happy, well-fed and super-spoiled!"


Jennifer wrote us about Carly. "Carly came home with me in May, and I can't believe how comfortable she has become in just one month! Carly is a kitty who has experienced a lot in her young life. She was only a few months old when she was found somewhere in Boston after being hit by a car.

"Carly is definitely at home now and is such a joy! After two weeks in our second bathroom, this curious and playful little kitty ventured out to meet her 'big sister kitty' Viola. Viola is not about to cuddle up yet with her 'pesky little sister', but she is learning to tolerate Carly's curiosity and energy. They chase each other all around the house, providing Viola with some much needed exercise!

"Though Carly is a bit skittish still, she loves a good cuddle when approached slowly, and she is definitely 'Mama's Little Girl'! When I think back to the little, shy, ball of fur that I saw at PetSmart a month ago, I am so proud of the progress Carly has made!

"Thank you so much, Kitty Angels, for giving feral kitties with hard lives a second chance! We are so happy that we adopted Carly - she brings smiles to our faces every day."

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