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SmokeyLisa and Josh adopted Smokey in December 2001. They write, "He's been quite a colorful addition to the family. Sure, we've had some trouble at times, as Smokey is convinced that HE should be the dominant cat, instead of our king-of-the-house male tabby. As a result, there have been some serious scuffles! We just keep trying to 'love' Smokey's mean-streaks out of him by always telling him what a sweet boy he is!"

ArtieLisa and Josh welcomed Artie as a part of the family in September 2002. They write, "Right from the start he absolutely loved all of his brothers and sisters; however, even now he's still taking his own sweet time getting to know mommy and daddy. That's fine... as long as he's a happy little boy, then it's all worth it! Sometimes we can sneak in some petting while we're giving treats, and then Artie doesn't mind people so much. He's probably thinking something like, 'well, I guess I'll let them rub my neck since they're feeding yummy treats!'"

JasperLisa and Josh write, "Jasper joined our family in April 2003 as Josh's anniversary surprise to Lisa. Jasper is our fourth Kitty Angel, and this title fits him perfectly.

"He's just about the sweetest, gentlest little guy we've ever met, and he loves snuggling at night just before bedtime. He lives a very happy and relaxing life, spending about 15 hours a day on mom and dad's bed in his warm and cozy cat bed. What a life!"

JoanLisa and Josh write, "Tad and Joan joined our family together in February 2004, and adopting two Kitty Angels that day was the best decision we ever made. We can't even begin to express how great they are, and what fun they are to have.

"Joan (left) was less than a year old when we brought her home, and she holds the title of the youngest kitty in the house. We had completely forgotten all of the energy these little ones have! When she's relaxing, her favorite place to hang out is the windowsill in the bathroom.

Tad"Tad, who is just a little bit older than Joan, is just the sweetest, most gentle boy we've ever met. He loves to cuddle on the couch, and when we come home from work, he usually the first to greet us at the front door.

"Thanks again, Kitty Angels! We're so happy we could make a difference and help these kitties by giving them a loving home."


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