Kitty Angels


Domestic Shorthair
About 2 years (Adult)

It is time for Gotcha to find a very special home of his own. 

A Kitty Angels volunteer heard a rumor that a cat was living in a tenement basement for the sole purpose of killing rats. Could this really be true? She began to investigate and located the house in question where she spoke to a tenant who confirmed that this was indeed true. The building owner had intentionally locked the cat down there. The volunteer was determined to get this cat out of the hell he was living in and after much ado, she gained access to the basement. The basement was totally dark; no lights had been left on and all the basement windows had been boarded up. The floor was dirt, and the conditions were inhumane. The cat lived with no human contact and was only fed intermittently as he had to be kept hungry to kill the rats. The volunteer refused to leave without the cat. She persisted and argued and at long last, walked out with the cat in her arms. 

We immediately hospitalized him and aptly named him Gotcha. He remained at our vet for weeks while they worked on stabilizing him. He was severely dehydrated, terribly underweight, and his eyes were sunken in. He had liver damage, a high white blood cell count, and many other issues. Lack of nutrition created muscle damage and his fur was thin and flaking. Imagine his relief, to be out of there, to see daylight again, to have food provided for him, as much as he needed. And to feel the warmth and love of good human beings.

He was shy at first, reluctant to trust, but he has blossomed and has quite the personality. He loves to be petted and gets along with other cats too. 

Due to the conditions, he was subjected to, he has developed Diabetes. He is easy to manage with this condition and Kitty Angels is committed to assisting with medical expenses for his continued care in his new home. Are you the special home that Gotcha is looking for?

Gotcha has been adopted! For other cats looking for new homes, please visit our Featured Felines page, see us at one of our Adoption Days, or contact us.


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