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MistyNancy and John sent us these pictures of their KA Alumnae: Harriet (top), Misty (left) and Emma (below).


OnyxRobin writes, "In March of 2001, my family adopted Onyx and Peigi whom we have since renamed to Lilith or Lily. They have really made our household so much more complete, and they are everything we could have ever hoped. Onyx warmed up almost immediately, but Lily has just recently started letting us pet her, and now she can't get enough! They have both adjusted so well, and we can't wait to add to our Kitty Angels family!

Lily"Attached is a picture of each of them. The one of Onyx is a little weird, but he's a perfect model for my odd photography style. :) Every time I tried to take the picture, he'd roll over and demand affection. Anyway, thanks so much for bringing these wonderful kitties into our lives."

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