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Andrea writes, "I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Sammi (Samantha) into my life. She is such a little lady with a huge heart and plenty of love to go around. She's a great alarm clock in the morning, just what I needed to get myself up and ready for work on time. To make sure I get up she taps me with her little hand and nudges me with her nose and greets me with a "Good morning" meow. After she walks me to her bowls to make sure she has food and water for the day, she walks me to the door and meows a "Good bye" as I leave for work.

"The best part of my day is when I get home from work she's sitting on the couch waiting for me. She's also great at the house chores, helping me make the bed, standing by me while I do the dishes, even straightening out the pillows on the couch.

"Thanks again for bringing such a joy back into my life!"

Bearda and family

Wendy writes, "Bearda (black, second from left) now lives with me and his three brothers: Chefferton (rightmost), Elway(second from right) and Mickey, and his sister, Julie (leftmost). All are FIV-positive. Bear had a rough start - he had lost his ears and tail, and then developed cancer requiring removal of a leg. Everyone is doing fine and are the most spoiled cats in New Hampshire."

Mark and Jenn write, "We adopted Chloe in March of 2002 when she was one year old. Although she was a little timid at first (although always very loveable and sweet), she has grown to be a very friendly and cuddly kitty. Her favorite past-times are napping in her many beds around the house, and chasing an elusive laser pointer around the living room. Because of the environment she came from (a house of 40+ untrained and uncared for cats as we recall), there were tremendous challenges to convincing her that we're not bad people. But with lots of patience (and turkey), she has become a wonderful addition to our family."


Chance was adopted by Toni. Chance says, "I wanted to tell you how great I'm doing - I have lots of new toys. I love to play and snuggle, I curl up with my new mom and sing (purr) in her ear and play with her hair. I cuddled with my dad and watched a movie too! I really love it here in my new home and my new parents really love me too!!! Well I have to go, it's playtime!"

Phoebe and Wally

Phoebe (left) and Wally (right) were adopted in August 2003 by Patricia, who writes, "Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to have them both; they have managed to fit in with my other four kitties in their own unique ways.  Phoebe brightens my mornings with her sweet 'southern drawl-ish' meow, and loves to give 'nose kisses'. She also likes to sit on the arm of my computer chair when I am web-surfing or checking my e-mail. Wally is much more shy, but loves to get his daily tummy rubbies (he has also been known to snore on occasion!!!) I love them both very much and consider myself so fortunate to be their 'Mom'."

MidnightJohn writes, "Midnight was adopted in February 1999 when she was about one year old. She grew into quite the friendly little animal, and enjoyed few things more than settling in for a nap in our laps, lounging out under a sunbeam, or joining us on the couch for a Gator football game. Unfortunately a neurological problem took Midnight from us this past June, and we'll forever miss our loving little friend.

Winter"Her 'sister' Winter was adopted in December 2001, when she was also about one year old. Winter loves to stare out windows, chase flashilights, and bring us her toy mousies in the middle of the night. As her picture shows, she clearly aspires to greater things..."

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