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MuffinJim and Karen write, "We adopted Muffin in September 2004, still broken-hearted after the loss of our beloved Toon who passed away the month before. We had Toon since we found him as an orphan (only 3 weeks old), and he remained with us for 15 wonderful years. We couldn't even imagine loving another cat as much as we'd loved our Toon, but we both agreed that the house was way too quiet and lonely without the warmth and happiness that only a pet can bring, and so we agreed that when the time was right, we'd have another cat.

"Soon after that, a friend told us about Kitty Angels and gave us the link to your web site. It wasn't long before we were on-line reading about the many cats up for adoption. Then we saw Muffin's picture and were fascinated by her unusual coloring. As we read about her, we realized that she was exactly what we were looking for and made an appointment to meet Muffin the following Saturday. By early that afternoon, Muffin was in her carrier on her way to her new home--ours!

"I can't express the joy that she has given us in the three months since we brought her home. No one can ever take the place of Toon, and he will always hold a place in our hearts. But Muffin has taught us something we never expected--the human heart is infinitely open to loving when you just allow it to happen. She is our precious little girl and we love her very, very much. Thank you, Kitty Angels, for caring enough to rescue her from the streets of Lowell--hungry, pregnant and abandoned. We can only imagine how hard her life once was. She seems a million miles from there now--playing carefree with her toys, basking in the sunlight of a window, sound asleep in our laps, 'kneading' her favorite blankie, or skidding along the hard wood floors ninety miles an hour. She's doing just great, and so are her people!"


Chester was adopted by Angie, who writes, "He is awesome, very quiet, reserved and low key. His favorite toy is an old shoestring I pull around that he chases."


Kelly writes, "I adopted one of the Lowell gym kittens this past August. A scrawny little gray thing when I got her, she was supposed to be a medium haired cat. As you can see by the pictures, she's grown a mane! I had to email you some pictures since her appearance has changed so much! She's doing well, getting along well with Bailey, who I adopted from the Humane Society, and Jaden, who I also adopted from Kitty Angels two years ago."


Marcia writes, "Just thought I'd send you a quick update on Gracie, who came home with us this past Sunday. We are just amazed at how quickly she's settled in and become so comfortable with all of us and her new home! Although she and Tiger Lilly (another Kitty Angels alum) were a little tentative at first, they are already starting to get along, which is just amazing to us.

"I'm sending along a little snapshot of Gracie's favorite place to sit on top of the piano. She certainly gives a whole new look to the nativiy scene, doesn't she?

"Anyway, thank you for introducing us to Gracie. I think she and Tiger Lilly are going to be wonderful for each other -- and for us.

"Thank you all for the work you do to help our feline friends."

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