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LisaCarmen and James write, "Lisa weighs 11 1/2 pounds, she's not very tall so she's tubby like her mummy (me-Carmen). Rascal weighs 12 pounds but he's very tall like his Daddy (Jim), so he's long and lean just like his Daddy. Lisa's mellow and loves to knead my scalp. Rascal is still skittish, but always in whatever room we're in, actually even more sociable than his sister, who meets us at the door when we get home from work.

Rascal"They're a lot of fun. Thank you for making it possible to have them in our lives!"

SassDiana writes, "Sass was adopted by my husband Kevin and I in January 2000. She was one of several cats that apparently were going to be shot by someone in Tyngsboro. Thankfully she wasn't and we were fortunate enough to have her join our home. She came to Maine with Lucy (our other cat) and Ito Medical school and has been my blood pressure medicine ever since. Full of vim and vigor, she keeps us all laughing everyday. We all love her."

BradyLauren writes, "Brady was adopted in February 2002 and was filthy, skinny and pathetic. Now he is clean, beautiful, and a pure joy to have in my life."

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